Provision Of the XXI International festival of creative youth «Shabyt»

XXI International festival of creative youth “Shabyt” according to the decision of organizing committee of a festival will be conducted on the following categories:


  1. Nomination «Classical music» (Woodwinds, brass instruments, percussion instruments, chamber ensemble)
  2. Nomination «Folk music» (Kobyz, the prima-kobyz, sherter, bass-sherter, the prima-dombyra.)
  3. Journalism (Television: “news stories”, “program stories and documentaries”; Internet resources)
  4. Nomination “Pop vocal”
  5. Nomination “Choreography” (folk dance)


The festival is conducted from 5th of November to 9th of November of 2018 in the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Astana city. Applications for participation in the festival are accepted by Competition Administration till October 30, 2018.

The following awards are defined at the festival:

  • The main prize – is a Cup of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Grand prix;
  • 1, 2, 3 awards with award of a rank of “Laureate”, the “Shabyt” medal and the desktop “Shabyt” medal for on-stage performance group;
  • Nominal diplomas and awards of memory of outstanding cultural and art workers of Kazakhstan;
  • Diplomas with award of a rank “Diploma Winner”;
  • Special diplomas and awards in the individual nominations.

   General characteristics of competition:

All nationalities and all ethnic groups’ representatives can take part in a festival;

– The age limits are given in every nomination.

Only those participants who received official invitation to the festival are allowed to take part in the festival. Within the prescribed time period, based on the selection process in each nomination, written invitation letters to be sent to participants either by mail or to e-mail (invitation can be individual or group invitations);

– The organizations, wishing to establish special prizes, have the right to make it in coordination with organizing committee;

– All prize winners and diploma winners have to participate in the final concert for free (by the decision of the Organizing committee);

– The organizing committee has right to broadcast, record and distribute the performances of participants at competition and final concert without payment of extra fee to performers.


Prizes and awards cannot be divided.

Participants need to have with them the following documents:

– ID of the participant (original document and its copy);
– 20-digit account number (letter from the bank – copy);

Monetary awards will be paid out after the deduction of the individual income tax – 10% for the residents of Kazakhstan and 20% for non-residents of Kazakhstan, according to local legislation of Kazakhstan. Monetary awards will be transferred to the bank account of residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan within following 10 working days after the completion of the festival.

The participants who will become laureates, and diploma winners of the contest, who are non-residents of Kazakhstan, will get their monetary award at the place stated by the organizational committee

The transportation of the participants (round trip tickets) to be the responsibility of the

sending party or the participants cover their transportation on their own;

– For individuals and groups who passed the selection process, the organizing committee provides the accommodation and meals for participants. Accommodation and meals to be provided only for the period of the participants being part of the festival. In case when a participant drops out of the contest due to not being able to pass to the next round of the contest, the accommodation and meals to be covered by the person (check-out from the hotel room should be not later than half day after the results of the round have been announced);

The winners of the previous festivals “Shabyt” (Grand prize and 1 level prize) cannot be part of the festival.

All papers for participation in the festival need to be sent to the following address:

Republic of Kazakhstan 010000, Astana
The department of Culture of Astana,
Beibitshilik street, 11..

To get more information you can get in touch with the organizing committee of the festival..

Contact telephones: +7 (7172) 556771,+7 (7172) 557409

Fax: +7 (7172) 557409


 Organizing committee has the right to make selection process based on the info provided in the application form and other mandatory documents.

City Administration of Astana, the department of Culture and Sports of Astana,
Kazakh National University of Art