Nomination “Choreography” (Folk dance)

Date and place:

The competition will be held from 5 to 9 November 2018 in the city of Astana in the building of the theater “Zhastar”.


General characteristics of the competition:

– All rounds of the competition are held in public;

– The order of performance will be determined by the draw of all participants and is maintained until the end of the competition.

– Competitive performances consist of two rounds, all performances are held


– The order of performance at the competition is established by drawing and

saved until the end of the competition;

– The competition is held among dance groups, as well as solo

folk performers;

– Two dances of any nations of the world (optional), of a different nature, meeting the high requirements of folk choreography are provided for the competition;

– Duration of performance no more than 5 minutes.


Requirements for the contestants:

– Representatives of any nationality take part in the competition.

age from 16 to 32 years;

– Contestants specify the program of performance on the day of arrival and do not have

rights to change it during the competition.


Application condition:

– Applications for the proposed model are filled in block letters along with

other necessary documents are accepted at the Organizing Committee of the Office of Culture and Sports of Astana, as well as on the official website of the festival;

– Before sending an electronic application, make sure that all the required fields

are full. It is also not recommended to send an electronic application 2 or more times. An incomplete package from the list of required documents will not be considered an accepted application for participation in the festival.

  1. Application;
  2. Copy of passport or other identity document;
  3. A brief biography, including academic education, a list of competitions and festivals in which you participated;
  4. A copy of the diploma or certificate from the place of study;



The jury consists of reputable and recognized figures in the field of choreography of the national trend, as well as well-known experts in the art world.

The decision of the jury is not subject to revision!


Check in:

The registration procedure takes place in the building of the theater “Zhastar” in the period from 5 to 6 November 2018 inclusive.




Food, accommodation and transportation:

The Organizing Committee provides the participants with food and accommodation for the entire period of participation in the festival. In the event that a contestant leaves the competition, the expenses for his stay are paid independently.

Foreign participants independently issue visas as well as go through the registration procedure with the migration police.

Contestants arriving in Astana before the deadline will bear the costs of their stay before the arrival time set by the organizing committee (regardless of the flight schedule and the flight schedule).





I round

  1. Dance on the plot.


II round

  1. Optional Dance




Prizes and awards:

Grand Prix – Honorary diploma, medal and monetary prize 350 000 tenge

1st place – Honorary diploma, medal and money prize 300 000 tenge

2nd place – Honorary diploma, medal and monetary award 250 000 tenge

3rd place – Honorary diploma, medal and cash prize 200,000 tenge


Special awards:

– A special award from the Department of Culture and Sports of the city of Astana – a diploma and a cash prize of 80,000 tenge issued by the decision of the jury members.

– In the nomination “Choreography” – a diploma named after Shara Zhienkulova and a cash prize

80 000 tenge is issued by the decision of the jury members.

– Participants of the final round, who did not become laureates, are awarded with diplomas and the title “Diploma of the International Festival” by decision of the jury members.